Letter from the Executive Director

As we look toward 2019, we want to express our appreciation for your support and commitment to the Human Services Council of New York.

We know the way we fund human services is broken and that we cannot support the emotional, economic, physical, and spiritual well-being of individuals and families without strong institutions with the capacity and wherewithal to take on financial risks.

HSC envisions a system of funding human services in which rates cover actual costs, indirect expenses are fully funded and recognized as a critical support to direct programming, payments from government are made on time, and nonprofits are given more autonomy to make decisions about spending and programmatic approach.

We will continue to put forth this vision, invent new tools, and execute strategies to push the changes needed to make this vision a reality.

Thank you for your engagement and support. Have a restful holiday season and we’ll see you in 2019!

Allison Sesso

Executive Director

December 2018