About HSC

Mission Statement

HSC strengthens New York’s nonprofit human services sector, ensuring New Yorkers from all walks of life, across diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and generations reach their full potential.

About Us

HSC fosters a diverse network of human service organizations. Together, we discuss ideas and take collective action on issues that impact the entire sector and those they serve. Through advocacy and collaboration, we support member organizations and their leaders in addressing their concerns of public policy, economic trends, and the regulatory environment. The human services workforce encapsulates 200,000+ employees in subsectors including: housing access, childcare, elder care, shelters, food pantries, mental health counseling, and disaster response. As the voice of the human services community, we highlight the struggles of those we serve, and amplify the need for a strong, well invested sector.

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Our Accomplishments

HSC has a small staff and budget, but exercises significant clout because it represents a strong and broad-based network of leading organizations in the human services sector. By working together with our 170 members and other allies, we have real impact, bringing people together to solve problems and helping some of the least visible and resilient residents of our city gain the respect, dignity and services they need and deserve.

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Letter from the Executive Director

As the year wraps up, I hope you’re taking time to celebrate, rest and recharge with your loved ones. Once again, we’ve made it through another year filled with challenges, including the continued impact of the pandemic, an uncertain budgetary environment, and a new Mayoral administration. Many of you have also welcomed asylum seekers with open arms, providing them with critical services while receiving little support.

Although 2022 was difficult, it also reaffirmed the resilience of the human services sector. Despite the challenges, you’ve all remained steadfast in serving your communities and strengthening our sector – and I hope you’re proud of the progress we’ve made together.


Read the full message from Michelle Jackson here.

Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee

Board of Directors


Human Services Workforce Workgroup

Builds a stronger human services delivery system by advocating for greater government investment in the human services workforce

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Procurement Reform Workgroup

Works on the continuous improvement of the business relationship between government and the nonprofit human services sector through policies that ensure meaningful collaboration in program design, appropriate funding, and contractual flexibility so that nonprofits can best serve their communities

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Equity Workgroup

Responsible for helping HSC determine ways to address structural inequities, such as racism, in the human services sector as it relates to social policies, communities, and the delivery of human services

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Human Services Disaster Readiness And Resiliency Workgroup

Develops practices and policies that will help the sector to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters; build partnerships between our sector and government to improve coordination; provide guidance on mechanisms to share information, and promote HSC’s role in enhancing the sector’s emergency preparedness

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Membership Benefits And Engagement Committee

Supports HSC’s ability to be more responsive and engaged with the needs of its existing members and strategizes ways to grow the size of HSC’s membership to better position it to accomplish the critical policy changes needed to strengthen the sector

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Priority and Strategy Council

Advisory body elected by the membership to guide HSC’s policy agenda:

  • Provide a broad forum for discussion of substantive issues to inform HSC’s agenda and strategy;
  • Offer feedback to government on new approaches, policies, etc. being considered that cut across the sector; and
  • Identify new trends and offer ideas for new approaches and suggestions of issues HSC should consider addressing

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Lead Advocates

Cohort of advocates from 25 member direct service providers who play an active role in advancing the agenda of the human services sector to City and State government by participating in legislative meetings, contributing to media efforts, and assisting in public actions

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HSC is thankful for the support of all its funders, past and present. Their generosity makes it possible for HSC to build the recognition and support of the not-for-profit human services sector in New York City.In particular, HSC would like to thank the following foundations, who provided major support in the past year.