Janelle Farris

Executive Director & President, Brooklyn Community Services

In 2018, Janelle Farris became our Executive Director and President. She began working for BCS as the Chief Operating Officer in the fall of 2013. In this position Ms. Farris was responsible for management of BCS programs, Human Resources and operations related to office and program relocation.

Janelle has extensive non-profit management experience. She worked as the Associate Director responsible for Operations at the Pratt Center for Community Development for nine years, and in January 2013, received a Post Master’s Certificate in Organization Development from The New School for Social Engagement. Prior to joining Pratt Center in 2004, Janelle worked for Common Ground, where she was Director of the largest single-occupancy supportive housing facility in the country, The Times Square. She has also worked at The Times Square Business Improvement District and New York City’s 1989 Charter Revision Commission.

Janelle holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Spelman College and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University.