You can sign up for HSC’s Human Services Alert system below. If you are looking for HSC’s regular communications, please click here.

This free emergency communications system was developed specifically for human
services professionals and will offer disaster-related information designed to inform
nonprofit management decisions about actions to take following a disaster.

What to Expect: Information pertaining to service needs, funding opportunities, coordination with government agencies & other nonprofits.


Communication:Our system is designed to ensure information can get to you in a variety of ways including robo-calls, text messaging, and email. Robo-calls and text messaging options will be used on a limited basis. The system will also allow us to solicit information from the field to help assess sector needs and inform planning and policy-making.

Objective: To strengthen coordination among human services providers; between government, human services providers, and other stakeholders like the Red Cross, NYC VOAD, Salvation Army, NYDIS, and the philanthropic sector; and to ultimately promote highly effective disaster response and recovery operations.

Who Should Sign Up: The system is designed for managers. C-suite team members as well as program managers are recommended.


If you only want to receive general updates, please sign up for the General Information group. If you would also like to receive information on Funding Opportunities or Contracting Matters, please feel free to sign up for those respective lists.

After signing up, please make sure you sign in and enter your title and the name of your organization.