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Nonprofits ask for clearer guidance from state government

CITY & STATE – New York nonprofits are calling on the state government to give them coordinated guidance on their contracts to ensure they get paid during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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City Nonprofits Say COVID Response is Leaving Them in a Lurch

CITY LIMITS – Nonprofit leaders say organizations that play a key part in New York City’s social safety net are facing an increasing crisis of uncertain funding, a lack of supplies, dwindling numbers of volunteers and…
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New York City to cover extra costs for human services nonprofits

NYN MEDIA – New York City will reimburse its human services contractors for additional costs associated with their programs, safety supplies, and staff shortages as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, according to guidance sent to…
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Amid Outbreak Volatility, City Takes Steps to Stabilize Human Services Nonprofits That Constitute Much of Social Safety Net

GOTHAM GAZETTE – Social service organizations in recent days have been scrambling for clarity from government officials on how they will continue to get paid as they carry out essential city services for the most vulnerable…
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Trump has left governors and mayors to support some of the most vulnerable Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic. But if New York City is any indication, it won't work

BUSINESS INSIDER – President Donald Trump has in recent days announced sweeping moves directing the federal government's relief efforts to address the coronavirus pandemic.
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Nonprofits Ask City Hall to Cut Red Tape Threatening Aid

THE CITY – Nonprofits already operating under a heavy financial burden are urging City Hall to remove contractual performance targets they will likely be unable to meet amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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Human Services Workers Underpaid

TIMES UNION – New York's community-based human services organizations are on the front lines of our most difficult issues from homelessness to the opioid crisis to the COVID-19 outbreak, yet the state has decided they should…
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Nonprofit advocates call for $100M state investment into their infrastructure

NYNMEDIA – Advocates are calling on New York state to make a recurring $100 million investment into a program that allows nonprofits to access funds for infrastructure projects as part of this year’s budget.
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Manhattan Electeds, Advocates Rally to Expand Voting Rights

NY COUNTY POLITICS – Are all taxpaying Americans entitled to a complete, unabridged right to vote? Conventional wisdom dictates that they are. So why, then, do we deny that right to a sizable subset of our…
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