Archived Guidance for Organizations Working in Healthcare

COVID-19 Drug Topics – providing prescribers with an evidence-based, non-commercial source of the latest objective information about pharmaceuticals

COVID-19 Guidance for Medicaid Providers webpage

Guidance for Managed Care Organization Contracting and Surveillance Relief (April 8th)

Guidance for the Authorization of Community LongTerm Services Covered by Medicaid (April 8th)

Medicaid Changes to Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, & Supplies Policy (March 28th)

Medicaid Changes to Private Duty Nursing Policy (March 28th)

Protocols for Personnel in Healthcare & Other Direct Care Settings to Return to Work Following Exposure or Infection (March 28th)

NYS Medicaid Coverage and Reimbursement Policy for Services Related to COVID-19 (March 27th)

COVID-19 and People with HIV

Medicaid Update from NYS Department of Health (March)

Guidance to Medicaid Transportation Managers and Brokers (March 21st)

Medicaid Pharmacy Guidance from NYS

Updated Guidance for Healthcare Providers from NYS Webinar (March 13th)

Guidance from CMS on Medicare Coverage related to COVID-19