Disaster Resilience and Recovery

September is National Preparedness Month!

Whether public health crises, terrorist attacks, or weather-related emergencies, we are increasingly faced with disasters that threaten New York and its organizations.  HSC is taking action to ensure the nonprofit human services sector is prepared.

The human services sector often steps up when government inadequately addresses issues facing communities.  Disaster response, recovery, and readiness are no different, but we must ensure we are doing everything we can to support the sector’s ability to rise to the occasion.

HSC’s Disaster Resilience and Recovery Initiative #HSCresilience


We encourage nonprofit organizations to get involved in our work!


Stay connected

Sign up for HSC’s Nonprofit Organization Alert System.

The alert system is activated for a major disaster, and provides information specifically of use to leaders of nonprofit organizations.  It does not replicate any government or other alert notification systems.

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Get involved

Join our Disaster Resilience and Recovery Workgroup

The Workgroup, composed of government and nonprofit human services leaders, helps HSC to shape practices and policies that serve the sector’s interests. Contact Jason Wu at [email protected] for more information.


Stay informed

Get informed on key issues by reading the results of our research.

Read the Framework for Serving New Yorkers After Major Disaster, 2017

Read The Human Services Sector of NYC: How Ready Are We For Emergencies?, 2016


Learn how New York City nonprofits work together after major disaster.

After disasters community residents reflexively turn to the community-based human services organizations they know and trust.  The NYC Human Services Sector Framework for Disaster Services offers principles and general parameters that can guide how human service providers coordinate their efforts in the best interests of people impacted.


Be prepared

HSC’s goal is to ensure human services organizations are prepared to do their part in mitigating the risks and damages of these horrific events.  A key element for nonprofits is to have an emergency plan.  Developing such a plan requires commitment on the part of leadership, in addition to information on what such a plan should include.  HSC has prepared an emergency plan template, accompanied by a general instructions document, that may help mid-size nonprofits accomplish this task.

Download the HSC Template for Nonprofit Organizational Emergency Readiness, Action, and Continuity Plan

Download the general instructions


For more information on HSC’s Disaster Preparedness and Coordination efforts, and to explore how your organization can be involved in this effort, please contact Danny Rosenthal, HSC’s Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Consultant.


New York City Human Services Sector Framework for Serving New Yorkers After Major Disaster

Read the report here.

Hurricane Sandy Houses of Worship & Charitable Organizations Recovery Task Force

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The Human Services Sector of NYC: How Ready Are We For Emergencies?


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Far from Home: Nonprofits Assess Sandy Recovery and Disaster Preparedness


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