Reframing Human Services

As the Voice of the Human Services Community, HSC tells the story of why human services matter to us all, how the sector works, and what challenges the sector faces. HSC works to communicate all the ways in which the human services sector contributes to all New Yorkers through their services, how vital these organizations are to the fabric of New York’s neighborhoods, and how the well-being of the sector is crucial to a thriving New York.

HSC is proud to be one of the three chosen states, alongside Illinois and Texas; leading the “Reframing Human Services” initiative in New York. We thank the Kresge Foundation for their generous support of this work.

We are implementing this new sector messaging strategy designed to reframe the role of human services in the public’s mind. With improved communication capabilities, our sector will be better positioned to drive the public policy changes needed to address the financial stresses faced by nonprofit providers.