SAM Funding Update

Through the advocacy of the Strong Nonprofits Campaign and human services providers from across the state, we were able to achieve State and Municipal Facilities (SAM) funding for nonprofits. $475 million was appropriated for SAM funding for FY2019, and $385 million of that funding includes language to expand the eligibility criteria to include nonprofits. The grants are awarded by the Executive and Legislative members of the Senate and Assembly, and administered through DASNY. You can find a list of projects that have been reviewed and approved by DASNY or another State entity here.

Call Your Local Representative on Thursday, November 1st
The Strong Nonprofits Campaign is organizing a SAM Call-In Day to your local representatives to inquire into how projects are selected for SAM grants and how those funds are allocated. We urge you to call your representatives (find your local State Senator and State Assemblymember) on Thursday, November 1st , using the script below, and ask for more information about how your organization can receive SAM funding. By collectively calling legislators, we can advocate for a more transparent SAM funding process and continued investments in nonprofit infrastructure.

SAM Call-In Day Script:
Hello, my name is __________(your name) and I’m calling from ________(organization name). Our organization _______________ (describe infrastructure issues that your organization is currently facing) and we are interested in applying for SAM funding. Is SAM funding available through your office for nonprofits? If yes, what is the process to apply?

Upon completion of your call, please complete the online form with your results. If you have any questions, please email Gloria Kim at [email protected].