Sample Tweets – PPE for Human Service Providers

Tweet to Demand PPE for Human Services Frontline Workers!

1) Take a picture of yourself or other workers wearing makeshift protective gear. If you are unable to take a photo, use one of the graphics provided below.

2) Post to Twitter using the hashtags #GiveUsPPE and #EssentialWorkers (also make sure to tag @NYGovCuomo). You can draft your own tweets that highlight the essential services being provided by your organization or use one of the sample tweets provided blow.


  • Human Services workers are on the frontline of COVID-19 keeping people fed and safe. Our workers need PPE now! @NYGovCuomo #GiveUsPPE #EssentialWorkers
  • Human services workers are delivering food, checking on people, and keeping residential facilities open, but do not have access to mandated PPE. Our workers need PPE now! @NYGovCuomo #GiveUsPPE #EssentialWorkers
  • New York is failing to provide its contracted human services workers with PPE. @NYGovCuomo #GiveUsPPE #EssentialWorkers
  • Human services workers are keeping people fed and safe, keeping them out of the overloaded hospital system. But we need the State to get these essential workers PPE now! @NYGovCuomo #GiveUsPPE #EssentialWorkers
  • .@NYGovCuomo has mandated PPE for essential workers, but the State is failing to give human services workers on the frontlines of COVID-19 the supplies they need! @NYGovCuomo #GiveUsPPE #EssentialWorkers


How to download: right click on the image and hit “SAVE.” Then add to your tweet!

Feel free to contact Gabriela Andrade at [email protected] for any questions.