HSC Emergency Planning Template & Trainings

With the support of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, HSC developed an emergency planning template and series of accompanying video trainings to help human services nonprofits prepare their own Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP).

Explore the links below to learn more about these documents, and please email [email protected] with any questions or comments.

Emergency Planning Templates & Toolkits

HSC Emergency Management Plan Template – these documents can help you develop your organization’s COOP from scratch.

  1. Create your own COOP Cover and Title Pages
  2. Create your own Emergency Management Plan Template
  3. The appendices that go along with HSC’s Emergency Planning Template
  4. A toolkit, which serves as a companion to the HSC Emergency Management Plan Template and the HSC Emergency Management Plan Appendix. It provides guidance and worksheets to assist human services organizations in adapting and completing each section of the Template.
  5. An overview of all the Emergency Planning Resources HSC provides – please email [email protected] with questions!
  6. A Record of Changes HSC has made to our emergency planning template

HSC Emergency Management Plan Template Additional Tools & Worksheets – these  provide worksheets for your organization to expand your emergency planning work.

  1. Worksheet to identify hazards that could impact your organization
  2. Worksheet to help your organization keep track of and manage the development of Emergency Management Plan components and other readiness actions.
  3. Tool to help you create your organization’s Incident Management Team chart

HSC Emergency Management Plan Webinars

  1. HSC Emergency Management Plan Webinar Descriptions and Links
  2. HSC Emergency Management Plan Webinar Presentations

Emergency Planning Video Trainings

Webinar 1: Anatomy of a Well-Planned Disaster – This webinar follows the actions of the fictitious ABC Community Center as they prepare for, respond to and recover from a localized disaster. It is designed to provide staff with a good introduction to the concepts of emergency management and the benefits of having a strong integrative approach to emergency planning.

Webinar 2: Emergency Planning Tools Webinar – This webinar focuses on how to use the HSC Emergency Management Plan Template and Toolkit to support your organization’s planning efforts. It provides a high level review of each template section as well as guidance on adjusting your approach based on your organization size and other factors.

Webinar 3: Emergency Management Strategies – This webinar focuses on how to approach emergency and continuity planning at your organization in a way that is practical, sustainable and integrated into existing systems. It explores common barriers to creating and maintaining emergency management plans and systems.

Webinar 4: Incident Management Training  – This webinar focuses on how to manage disruptions that last for more than a few hours, presenting possible Incident management structures and tools for decision making as your organization moves towards recovery.

Webinar 5: Continuity Planning Basics – This webinar goes over the basics of developing your Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), including key vocabulary, identifying essential services, suspending non-essential functions, and more.

Webinar 6: Hazards and Risks – What Do I Plan For? – A strong Emergency Management Plan articulates policies and structures that can be used to respond to any disaster or emergency situation. But certain types of emergencies or “hazards” have unique characteristics that require a tailored approach to response and recovery. This webinar focuses on how to identify your risks and use a Hazard Vulnerability Tool (Appendix in the HSC Emergency Management Plan Template) to focus your Organization’s planning efforts.