HSC Emergency Planning Template

HSC Emergency Planning Organizational Documents

  1. HSC 2022 Resiliency Planning documents Record of Changes 4_26_22
  2. HSC Emergency Planning Resources at a Glance 4_26_22

HSC Emergency Management Plan Template

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HSC Emergency Management Plan Template Appendices

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  2. Appendix #7 Emergency Plan Management Tool 4_26_22
  3. Appendix #13 Incident Management Team chart 4_26_22
  4. HSC EMP Template APPENDIX Draft 4_26_22

HSC Emergency Management Plan Template Toolkit

  1. HSC EMP TOOLKIT draft 4_26_22

Disaster Resilience Resources for Nonprofits

Emergency Plan Template

Emergency Plan Template

HSC has designed an Emergency Plan template to help organizations prepare for both disasters and other emergencies.  It includes guidance for preparedness, emergency action, continuity of operations, and sustaining the plan.



HSAlert is HSC’s Emergency Communications system, designed especially for decision makers at nonprofit organizations.  In the event of a disaster with significant community impact, it will share information that will help organizations make the best possible decisions, including contracting issues, service delivery options, volunteer management, and more.

Click here to sign up for HSAlert.

Other Emergency Alerts

Other Emergency Alerts

NotifyNYC is New York City’s official source for information about emergency alerts and important city services.

The Advance Warning System issues emergency alerts for organizations that serve people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs.

NYDIS House of Worship Alert (HOWalert) is a free emergency notification system for NYC religious leaders to be notified about life-threatening or urgent crisis management incidents that should be rapidly shared with their congregants, clients, or staff.

Get Connected

Get Connected

You may also be interested in NYC VOAD, which brings together human services professionals engaged in disaster work.

New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) helps communities prepare for disaster.  HSC encourages human services organizations to develop connections with government, nonprofit, and private partners in their communities.

Other Resources

There is a great deal of information online to help individuals and families to prepare for disaster.  These are just a few examples.  HSC encourages human services providers to share this information with staff and clients:

For HSC’s old Emergency Planning materials:

For more details about HSC’s Readiness and Resilience Initiative, contact Jason Wu, Director of Operations, at [email protected].